5 Benefits of Getting a California Expungement

Having a criminal record has made it difficult for many past offenders to move on and live a free and fruitful life. For example, a previous offender is far less likely to get a job than their non-offender competitors, even though they meet all the requirements. Moreover, they carry the burden of being labeled an offender years after serving their sentences. We do not believe that this is fair. These people paid their debt to society. They should now be able to prosper like everyone else. We help people get an expungement so that they can pursue their dreams and provide for their families. 

  • Freedom from Worry and Judgement

Expungement releases an individual from all penalties and disabilities emanating from a conviction. This is as expressed in the Penal Code 1203.4. An expungement frees an individual from a troubling chapter of constantly ‘bearing’ the burden of a past mistake. A person no longer has to worry about being judged for their past mistakes.

  • Ease of finding a Job

Most, if not all, employers run background checks before hiring any job seeker. These checks reveal quite a lot of information, including an applicant’s records about arrests, convictions, and probation status. Employers ask job interviewees whether they have ever been convicted of any crime. Reporting that one has committed a crime can hinder you from obtaining a good job. 


An expunged record does not have to be disclosed to potential employers during job applications. Furthermore, a person who receives an expungement is legally allowed to answer ‘NO’ to questions of whether they have been convicted of a crime. This allows a person to freely apply for jobs without being disadvantaged because of a previous criminal record, thereby increasing their viability and likelihood of being employed. 


Moreover, once a conviction is expunged, it is not mandatory to disclose the same to an employer even after they make a conditional offer of employment.


If an expunged conviction turns up after a background check, an employer is barred from considering the same in making a decision on whether to hire the job applicant. The California Code of Regulations under Section 11017 stipulates that an employer should not ask an employee about a misdemeanor conviction.

  • Ease of obtaining state professional licenses

Obtaining state professional licenses has been made easier thanks to expungement. When applying for a state license such as a contractor’s license or an application for public office, an individual should disclose any conviction, including expunged convictions. However, licensing agencies are more likely to grant such licenses to a person whose conviction(s) has been expunged.

  • Prevention of past convictions from being used to indict one’s credibility in certain proceedings

Ordinarily, convictions are a shadow on a person’s general character, especially for witnesses in court. Nevertheless, an expunged conviction cannot be used to impeach a witness’ credibility in court.


For example, if a person has a felony record and is serving as a witness in a Californian court, the disputing party may question credibility by bringing up the conviction. Though, in the case of expunged records, it is prohibited to interrogate a witness’ credibility.

  • Ease of joining professional organizations

It is the norm for professional organizations to conduct background checks before allowing new membership in the organization. By having a criminal record expunged, a person may enjoy professional membership that will enrich his or her career and allow that person to create more wealth and opportunity.


Generally, the benefit of expungement across the board is that it reduces stigma and the adverse effects surround a criminal conviction. To enjoy these benefits, you need to reach out to an experienced attorney with all the qualities of a great expungement lawyer. Our Expungement Hero, Don Hammond, believes in second chances, which is why he takes expungement cases seriously. This is a golden opportunity for people to truly pursue life, liberty, and happiness. The expungement process is complicated. Please call us at 323-529-3660 to discuss the expungement process and getting your life back on track.



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